Agriculture and Climate Change

Challenges and Opportunities at the Global and Local Level - Collaboration on Climate-Smart Agriculture

image of Agriculture and Climate Change

This publication presents the achievements of the International Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture project, which include capacity development, training, information-sharing and several country studies. The project notably contributed to feasibility studies in Botswana, Ecuador and Ethiopia, as well as a case study on Italy that showcased conservation agriculture as a successful approach to overcoming soil fertility loss and erosion in 15 regions. The publication demonstrates how the project has laid the foundations for a strong knowledge community to support climate-smart agriculture (CSA) implementation across countries and regions, thereby contributing to international climate commitments and sustainable development in the field of agriculture and food security. The International Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture project was funded by the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea of Italy (IMELS) and implemented by FAO, in order to advance knowledge-sharing, learning and partnership-building around the CSA approach and to create a Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA).



General overview

The impacts of climate change are reducing the capacity of natural resources (biodiversity, soil and water) to sustain the food demand of the world’s increasing population. Food security and climate change are therefore interlinked challenges that need to be addressed simultaneously. Increasing resource efficiency in agriculture and building resilience to climate risks are the key actions for undertaking these challenges. This implies a significant transformation of agriculture and food systems, with concerted action and coordinated involvement of all stakeholders on along-term perspective. To this end, CSA is an integrated approach that helps guide actions and develop agricultural strategies to effectively support development and ensure food security under the threat of climate change.


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