Forests and Water

Valuation and Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services

image of Forests and Water

The objectives of this study are to further improve our understanding about the ways in which payments for ecosystem services schemes can be applied to forests, in particular focusing on forest’s hydrological functions for the mutual benefit of both humans and the environment. In addition, the study covers advances and challenges facing these schemes and provides practical guidance for policymakers and practitioners. This study contains the most comprehensive currently available database of case studies on forest-water related payment for ecosystem services schemes in the UNECE region.



Economic valuation of water-related forest ecosystem services

Assessment of water-related ecosystem services is an important step in enabling sustainable management of forests. A service is assessed for different purposes, and can variously be used to: (a) conduct a scoping or a situation analysis; (b) enhance environmental awareness or advocate for or against a policy option; (c) compare alternative policies, programmes and projects; (d) identify livelihoods, development and investment opportunities; (e) design environmental policy instruments and incentives; and (f ) tackle environmental confli ts (Berghöfer et al., 2016). It could also be used for assessing the impacts of policy changes.


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