Pathways Towards Food Security in the Arab Region

An Assessment of Wheat Availability

image of Pathways Towards Food Security in the Arab Region

This study includes a review of the various regional initiatives that relate to wheat in order to reflect the results of the assessment of wheat availability into useful regional policy directions that can help the region to enhance wheat availability. The outcome of the review coupled with the results of the assessment can shed light on the pathways that Arab countries, collectively or individually, can follow to secure higher wheat availability levels and, as such, contribute to enhanced food security for their populations.



Wheat within regional initiatives on food security

As the population in Arab countries grows the concern of not being able to accommodate for its dietary needs also grows. Arab governments of food insecure countries are in a dire need to find a solution to this challenge, particularly in the light of the recent (and in some cases ongoing) Arab uprisings that were demanding proper food among other services and reforms. It is argued, for instance, that the conflict in Syrian Arab Republic was triggered by many factors, including the long drought over the period 2006-2011 which limited the availability of water and productive land resources for adequate food production. In Egypt, it was reported that during the protests of 2011, demonstrators were chanting for “bread, freedom, and social justice”. Some Arab countries are presently trying to tackle corruption, starting social and economic reforms and embarking on development projects as preventive measures against social unrest in their countries. Fighting hunger and closing the food gap as measures to achieve food security are usually among the priority socio-economic development goals of many Arab countries.


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