Technology and Innovation Report 2010

Enhancing Food Security in Africa through Science, Technology and Innovation

image of Technology and Innovation Report 2010

The 2010 Technology and Innovation Report - Enhancing Food Security in Africa Through Science, Technology and Innovation - focuses on the challenges of improving agricultural performance in Africa and the role of technology and innovation in raising agricultural production and incomes of all farmers, including smallholder farms. The report argues that the main challenge is to strengthen the innovation capabilities of African agricultural systems as a means of addressing poverty, improving food security and achieving broader economic growth and development.

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Challenges and opportunities to achieve food security

Solving problems of agricultural production and access to food requires an assessment and identification of where additional investment dollars are most likely to have the strongest impacts. This chapter therefore draws some lessons and caveats from the Green Revolution. Some of the most important lessons learned relate to tenancy rights, the role of public institutions, the equitable distribution of resources, the investment gap in agriculture and the role of development assistance. Brief case studies on India and Brazil and a comparison of productivity gains in Asia, Latin America and Africa are provided to draw lessons for a strategy for African agricultural development.

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