Technology and Innovation Report 2010

Enhancing Food Security in Africa through Science, Technology and Innovation

image of Technology and Innovation Report 2010

The 2010 Technology and Innovation Report - Enhancing Food Security in Africa Through Science, Technology and Innovation - focuses on the challenges of improving agricultural performance in Africa and the role of technology and innovation in raising agricultural production and incomes of all farmers, including smallholder farms. The report argues that the main challenge is to strengthen the innovation capabilities of African agricultural systems as a means of addressing poverty, improving food security and achieving broader economic growth and development.

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This final chapter recaps the main issues and solutions discussed in the report and proposes a set of fourteen priority recommendations for policy-makers in Africa (and other regions, including developed countries) for action to support agricultural research and development in Africa, with a view to raising productivity, improving human wellbeing and strengthening food security. Most of the recommendations are for national-level interventions though there is also a strong need for coordination between countries in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

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