The Importance of China’s Forest Products Markets to the UNECE Region

image of The Importance of China’s Forest Products Markets to the UNECE Region
This publication provides insights of China’s forest products markets and its importance to the UNECE region. China’s forest sector has been developing rapidly in the past decade. It is now the largest manufacturer of forest products in the world. China is an important trading partner for the UNECE region. It imported most of its raw materials from countries in the UNECE region and exported the final products to them. The trade between China and the UNECE region is essential to both of their forest products markets. This publication contains information about China’s forest products markets, forest resources, policies and institutions. It provides a socio-economics context.




While the 56 – country region covered by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is the major consumer and producer of forest products, the major trading partner outside our region is now China. The three subregions, i.e. Europe, North America, and the Russian Federation and other Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe, Caucuses and Central Asia countries(CIS/EECCA), conduct the greatest volume and value of trade within and between each other. However, China has accelerated into the third greatest consumer and producer of wood and paper products, behind Europe and North America.


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