The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2018

Agricultural Trade, Climate Change and Food Security

image of The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2018

This edition of The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets focuses on the complex and underexplored intersection between agricultural trade, climate change and food security. The report makes an important contribution to the policy debates on climate change adaptation and mitigation under the Paris Agreement and the multilateral agricultural trade rules. The report discusses policies – both domestic support and trade measures – that can promote food security, adaptation and mitigation, and improve the livelihoods of family farmers around the world. Given both the slow- and rapid-onset impacts of climate change, policies that can significantly promote climate change adaptation and mitigation would benefit from deeper discussions in international fora on how to strengthen the mutually supportive role of trade rules and climate interventions.

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Adapting to climate change and mitigating its impact: domestic policies and support measures

Agricultural policies address a broad array of objectives. They promote efficiency and correct market failures, such as constraints faced by farmers in adopting new technologies due to lack of information. They support equity, helping to achieve and maintain a level of farm income that keeps pace with income in other economic sectors and is in line with society’s aspirations. They strive to ensure the provision of public goods to society at large. And in many developing countries, they promote food securit y through measures aimed at both producers and consumers.

English Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish

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