The State of Food and Agriculture 1948

A Survey of World Conditions and Prospects

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1948

The present Report, in spite of limitations and imperfections due to inadequate data, delineates the central issues clearly enough to enable governments to consult together and decide what practical steps should be taken next. This over-all guide aims to have action initiated or intensified in a wide variety of fields to expand production, improve national and international distribution, and raise living standards throughout the world.



Fisheries products

THE shortage of land-produced food during and after the war has turned increasing attention to the sea and inland waters as sources of protein food. There is an awakening of interest in both the western and eastern nations in the latent possibilities of the fisheries. Relatively high prices have increased the extent of fishing activity. A similar influence lias been exerted by the development of methods for the detection of fish in the sea, such as the use of sonic depth sounders, and by the use of improved gear, often of new pattern. In countries where fishing is mechanized the higher fisheries earnings of recent years have resulted in the building of vessels with greater cruising radius. This development, which recently has been coupled with the development of fast refrigerated carrier vessels and factory ships, is extending the areas of effective fishing operations. Largely because of exchange difficulties and other problems of reconstruction and rehabilitation, much of the trade in fisheries products is still controlled by governments. Various kinds of special stimuli for fishing, fish-processing, and trade are still in existence.


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