The State of Food and Agriculture 1948

A Survey of World Conditions and Prospects

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1948

The present Report, in spite of limitations and imperfections due to inadequate data, delineates the central issues clearly enough to enable governments to consult together and decide what practical steps should be taken next. This over-all guide aims to have action initiated or intensified in a wide variety of fields to expand production, improve national and international distribution, and raise living standards throughout the world.



Lower-income densely populated regions

THE CENTRAL problem of the Far East is production, both in agriculture and in industry. Can this region, which contains half the world’s population living on one-fifth of the earth’s land surface, produce enough food and other commodities to afford to everyone a better standard of living? At present, income per person is very low—according to some authorities, well under U. S. $100 per year. Assuming an attempt is made to reach the nutritional targets set out in Chapter 4, the expansion of 40 percent in food expenditure would, as already pointed out, have to be associated with an increase of some 50 percent in real income. The question is: could real income per person be increased to this extent by, say, 1960, and could the food supply be expanded by the necessary amount?


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