The State of Food and Agriculture 1948

A Survey of World Conditions and Prospects

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1948

The present Report, in spite of limitations and imperfections due to inadequate data, delineates the central issues clearly enough to enable governments to consult together and decide what practical steps should be taken next. This over-all guide aims to have action initiated or intensified in a wide variety of fields to expand production, improve national and international distribution, and raise living standards throughout the world.



The battle for agricultural production

THE basic question is whether agriculture could play its part in such an enterprise. Could food (and fiber and forest) production be expanded at the necessary speed? This leads immediately to a consideration of the fundamental problems of agricultural development—soil fertility, water supplies, improved crop and animal husbandry, economic incentives, and so on. These big problems have been stated, debated, and restated in many places and at many times. The reasons for briefly summarizing them here again are that (a) on the evidence of national food and agriculture programs it appears that many governments have not given these problems sufficiently serious attention in the light of the world’s food needs, and (b) the nature of the problems must be kept clearly in mind in order to judge what next steps should be taken to deal with them.


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