The State of Food and Agriculture 1949

A Survey of World Conditions and Prospects

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1949

In this second report on the State of Food and Agriculture, an attempt is made to appraise the current situation against the background of longer-term trends and to focus attention on a very few broad issues which will require consideration and action by governments.



Forest products

THE CHIEF PROBLEM affecting supplies of forest products lies today in the field of international trade and is intimately tied up with maladjustments of international exchange. A shrinkage in the flow of dollars abroad due to general cuts in United States imports has caused other countries, notably the United Kingdom, to scale down their lumber imports from Canada and the United States and to seek supplies outside the dollar area. Production in softer currency countries capable of producing export surpluses has thus been stimulated, while stocks have tended to accumulate in North America. At the same time there has been a virtual cessation of United States purchases of wood pulp from Sweden, Finland, and Norway, which have depended heavily on pulp exports to balance their dollar trade. These countries produce over 60 percent of exportable world supplies of pulp, and the closure of American markets could result in a shift, temporary or permanent, to alternate markets.


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