The State of Food and Agriculture 1954

Review and Outlook

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1954

The present report reviews the more recent developments in the world food and agricultural situation and also the immediate outlook. In 1953/54 world production continued to expand. Surpluses, especially of wheat, became more burdensome in some areas, and in these areas farm prices and farm incomes tended to decline. In other parts of the world, however, supplies Were not excessive and efforts to expand production were continued and in some cases intensified. The outlook- for 1954/55 suggests no essential change in this situation, which is summarized in Chapter I of the report and reviewed more fully on a world basis in Chapter II.



World review and outlook

A dramatic change came over the Avorld food and agricultural situation in 1952/53, when the problem of heavy surpluses in some areas was added to the long-standing problem, intensified by the war, of inadequate supplies and malnutrition over large pares of the world. This situation developed further in 1953/54. 011 the one hand the rapid expansion of agricultural production continued. Surpluses, particularly of wheat, became still more burdensome in some areas, and in several countries farm incomes continued to decline. Yet in other arcas, food supplies, though somewhat easier, still remained well below their low prewar level. Prospects for 1954/55 at present suggest no marked change in this situation.


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