The State of Food and Agriculture 1955

Review of a Decade and Outlook

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1955

The year 1955 marks the tenth anniversary of the foundation of FAO. It marks also the end of the first decade of agricultural recovery and expansion after the second world war. Unlike its predecessors, this issue does not deal mainly with the current situation and short-term outlook, but instead reviews the progress and experiences of the whole decade. The treatment of this theme has been analytic rather than purely descriptive. An attempt has been made to bring out the underlying causes of the main postwar developments, and to make some appraisal of the results achieved.



Price movements farm incomes and consumer purchases

fi-Le 1)11 ce situation sin ce ti le war Ras been extremely complex. In the immediate postwar years, all countries felt to a greater or less extent the inflationary pressures caused on the one .hand by the shortage of food and other consumer goods and, on the other, by the high purchasing power generated by the war (see Chapter II). The success with which inflation was combatted -varied widely from country to country, according to the degree of shortage and the effectiveness of the .machinery of price control. The same fitctors also influenced both the relative increases in prices of agricultural products compared with non-agricultural products and the relative rises in prices of different agricultural products ; and these, too, varied greatly in different countries.


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