The State of Food and Agriculture 1957

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1957

In addition to the usual review of the recent world food and agriculture situation, this edition of The State of Food and Agriculture also studies the factors influencing the trend of food consumption, as well as postwar changes in some institutional factors affecting agriculture.



Factors influencing the trend of food consumption

A number of things have contributed to the growing interest, evident in the past few decades, in determining the factors which influence, the consumption of food. Most important, perhaps, is the emergence of nutritional science and the realization that human health requires not only a sufficient diet, but also a properly balanced diet. A second factor has been the growth of large-scale enterprises for the processing and distribution of food, including private companies, producers' marketing organizations and government agencies. Like other large enterprises, these must be well informed of' likely changes and trends in the demand for their products if they are to conduct their business efficiently. The widespread adoption of some degree of' planning for economic development is a third important, influence. It is important to be able to foresee fairly accurately, and to make provision for, the increased demand for foodstuffs which accompanies economic development in order to avoid on the one hand the inflationary strains when demand outruns supplies and, on the other, the surpluses when supplies exceed demand. Conversely, it is important to judge what level of' investment is feasible at a given level of' food supplies without engendering inflationary pressures. These last considerations are, particularly important in economically underdeveloped countries where food commonly accounts for more than half the total consumers' expenditure.


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