The State of Food and Agriculture 1959

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1959

In addition to the usual review of the recent world food and agriculture situation, each issue of The State of Food and Agriculture from 1957 has included one or more special studies of problems of longer-term interest. This year's edition focuses on agricultural incomes and levels of living in countries at different stages of economic development, as well as general problems of agricultural development in less developed countries in the light of postwar experience.




The most pressing problems of food and agriculture at the present time are centered in the economically less-developed countries of the world. In the more highly-developed countries a level of productivity has been reached which makes it possible for the relatively small percentage of the population engaged in agriculture to provide a nutritionally adequate diet for the rest of the population, and aLo to earn it 1C01110. which, even though they usually lag behind incomes in other occupations, are far in advance of those of farmers in less-developed countries. In some instances, as is well known, a major problem, and it is not a light one, is how to dispose of the abundant supplies resulting from the great advances in agricultural methods ¡nade during the last fetv decades.


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