The State of Food and Agriculture 2003-2004

Agricultural Biotechnology - Meeting the Needs of the Poor?

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 2003-2004

The potential of agricultural biotechnology, especially transgenic crops, to meet the needs of the poor, is explored in this report. An analysis of the socio-economic impacts of technological change in agriculture is discussed, and the safety of transgenic crops for human health and the environment is examined.



Public attitudes to agricultural biotechnlogy

Public attitudes to biotechnology will play an important role in determining how widely genetic engineering techniques will be adopted in food and agriculture. Public opinion has been studied extensively in Europe and North America but less so in other countries, and internationally comparable data are very limited. This chapter reviews the largest internationally comparable public opinion studies that have been conducted so far on agricultural biotechnology (Hoban, 2004). It concludes with a discussion of the possible role of labelling to address the differences in public attitudes towards transgenic foods.


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