The State of Food and Agriculture 2010-2011

Women in Agriculture - Closing the Gender Gap for Development

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 2010-2011

This edition of The State of Food and Agriculture makes the “business case” for addressing gender issues in agriculture and rural employment. The agriculture sector is underperforming in many developing countries, in part because women do not have equal access to the resources and opportunities they need to be more productive. The gender gap imposes real costs on society in terms of lost agricultural output, food security and economic growth. Promoting gender equality is not only good for women; it is also good for agricultural development.



Gains from closing the gender gap

Many studies show that yields on plots managed by women are lower than those managed by men. This is not because women are worse farmers than men. Indeed, extensive evidence shows that women are just as efficient as men. They simply do not have access to the same inputs. If they did, their yields would be the same as men’s, they would produce more and overall agricultural production would increase.


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