Valuing Forest Ecosystem Services

A Training Manual for Planners and Project Developers

image of Valuing Forest Ecosystem Services

The aim of this manual is to enhance understanding of ecosystem services and their valuation. The specific target group comprises governmental officers in planning units and field-level officers and practitioners in key government departments in Bangladesh responsible for project development, including the Ministry of Environment and Forests and its agencies. Most of the examples and case studies presented herein, therefore, are tailored to the Bangladesh context, but the general concepts, approaches and methods can be applied to a broad spectrum of situations. This manual focuses on valuing forest-related ecosystem services, including those provided by trees outside forests. It is expected to improve valuation efforts and help ensure the better use of such values in policymaking and decision making.



Module 1: Introduction

This module provides the rationale for the manual and the background information needed for its use. It provides insights into the important roles of ecosystem services (ESs) and why their valuation matters. It describes the manual’s aims, focus, target audience, structure, content and limitations (in terms of scope and application). The module also introduces scenarios specific to the context of Bangladesh, which can be used as references, examples and exercises in considering the approaches, methods and concepts presented in the manual.


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