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  • 22 Oct 2018
  • United Nations
  • Pages: 153
The Handbook aims to raise awareness of the importance of short-term statistics in meeting the information needs for explaining and monitoring rapid changes in economic and financial conditions. It does this by setting out the standards and...
  • 05 Oct 2016
  • United Nations for Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner
  • Pages: 333
This book includes perspectives from a broad range of victims. While some of them are family members of the crime victims, others are victims of the human rights violations in application of the death penalty, of its brutality and traumatic effects....
  • 13 Feb 2017
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Pages: 49
Circular migration – a repetition of migration by the same person between two or more countries – is a topic of growing importance, on which information is needed for policy development. To meet this demand, there is a need to establish an...
  • 31 Dec 2012
  • United Nations
  • Pages: 406
Women are among the most competent, yet marginalized, unnoticed and underutilized actors in efforts to rebuild war-torn societies. Opportunities for sustainable peacebuilding are lost — and sustainable peace is at risk — when significant stakeholders...
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes a goal to achieve gender equality for all women and girls and a re-commitment to governments’ human rights obligations. At the same time, governments have agreed to a range of strategies for...
  • 05 Jun 2017
  • International Trade Centre
  • Pages: 81
This study aims to understand better the demand for traditional medicine and more contemporary health-related reasons, collectively referred to as ATM in this report, in Viet Nam. The country is strategically important for illegally traded wildlife...
  • 24 Oct 2013
  • United Nations
  • Pages: 252
Traditionally, studies on democracy have focused on the orthodox so-called Northern models of democratic governance, and within this framework, the extent to which Southern models are considered democratic. Democracy in the South is the first truly...
  • 12 Sep 2008
  • United Nations
  • Pages: 241
This publication serves as a handbook that includes the main sample survey design issues that can conveniently be referred to by practicing national statisticians, researchers and analysts involved in sample survey work and activities in countries....
Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic
This volume focuses primarily on society at the local and regional levels and on a scenario in which human beings coexist harmoniously with nature. This ideal society is examined in terms of the relationships between villages or towns and their...
Racism and racial discrimination hinder progress and cause suffering for millions of people in all countries around the world. Lasting improvements to counter racial discrimination at the national level require political will and a sustained and...
This Publication discusses the resource efficiency related technologies and the RE technologies from the perspective of Technology Transfer. This publication also identifies the issues associated with water and energy considerations when pursuing the...
This module highlights the utilization of Renewable energy (RE) to strengthen Water-Energy nexus. It addresses the utilization of RE commercialized technologies to improve water security by providing the power needed by water-related activities such...
ESCWA is implementing a UN Development Account (DA) Project on “Developing the Capacities of ESCWA Member Countries to Address the Water and Energy Nexus for Achieving Sustainable Developing Goals”. The DA project targets to strengthen the capacity...
The water and energy nexus regional policy toolkit was prepared as part of the United Nations Development Account (UNDA) project on developing the capacity of ESCWA Member Countries to address the water and energy nexus for achieving Sustainable...
  • 17 May 2016
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Pages: 86
It examines the current status of ESCO development in twelve countries participating in the project. For the purposes of the report all participating countries are divided into three groups: member states of the European Union (EU), South-Eastern...
  • 24 Oct 2013
  • United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • Pages: 280
This publication presents key debates that took place during the 2010 High-level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), during which was organized the second biennial Development Cooperation Forum. The discussions also focused on the...
The study on ‘Digital Trade Facilitation in Asia and the Pacific’ reviews the state of play in implementation of trade facilitation and paperless trade in the Asia and the Pacific region. It also provides estimates of the trade cost reduction...
With the conclusion of the Asia and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons, 2003-2012, and the proclamation of the new Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities, 2013-2022, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific members...
  • 08 Mar 2016
  • United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  • Pages: 186
This publication focuses on barriers to the employment of persons with disabilities in the Asia-Pacific region and offers solutions to strengthen their employment prospects. It offers a regional overview of disability legislation, policies and...
  • 16 Dec 2015
  • United Nations
  • Pages: 755
Treaties are essential to the maintenance of international law and order, and States depend on them to provide stability and consistency in international relations. This publication contains the text of multilateral treaties that focus on nuclear...
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