A League Table of Child Maltreatment Deaths in Rich Nations

image of A League Table of Child Maltreatment Deaths in Rich Nations

This publication is the fifth in a series of Innocenti Report Cards designed to monitor the performance of industrialized nations in meeting the needs of their children. Each Report Card presents and analyzes league tables ranking the performance of rich nations against critical indicators of child well being. This particular report presents the league table of child maltreatment deaths in rich nations and discusses related issues.

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Is the physical abuse of children more common in some industrialized countries than in others? Is it increasing or decreasing? Can it be related to other problems in teenage and adult life? Is the level of child abuse influenced by economic and social changes such as rising incomes, welfare reform, or the increasing participation of women in the workforce? Have some nations succeeded in evolving policies to prevent or reduce the maltreatment of children?

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