Best of UNICEF Research 2015

image of Best of UNICEF Research 2015
The Best of UNICEF Research, now in its third year, showcases and recognizes high-quality, high-impact research being done in the organization. The intention of the project is to communicate that UNICEF is often engaged in supporting a range of cutting-edge research to improve the lives of children. Yet this is often poorly known. The ‘Best of UNICEF Research’ initiative aims to change this perception. This publication presents summaries of twelve of the projects submitted to the 2015 Best of UNICEF Research competition which illustrate the range of research being undertaken. The 12 projects in the final selection cover many of the ‘traditional’ areas of UNICEF work (health, nutrition, sanitation and education), while also highlighting issues that have more recently gained prominence within the global policy agenda, such as social transfers, violence against children and school bullying, and various forms of inequality or exclusion



Romania: Education in Romania - Investing in the future

Romania is the second-poorest member state of the European Union (EU) in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. It also spends less of its GDP (4.1 per cent) on education than its eastern European neighbours – and significantly less than the EU average of 5.4 per cent. This has profound negative effects on Romania’s society and economy. Recent research commissioned by UNICEF, in collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of Education, has not only analysed the relative shortcomings of the country’s education system but has also identified the economic benefits that would accrue were the country to boost its education spending.


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