Celebrating Childhood

A Journey to end Violence Against Children

image of Celebrating Childhood

A book about what ending violence against children takes, means and brings. It’s a celebration of childhood and a manifesto for a world where children can grow with dignity and free from violence. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the United Nations Study on Violence against children, this book gathers inspiring testimonies of people whose talent and time are bringing us closer to a world of non-violence for all children. It shows that violence is not an inevitable fate and that positive change is happening. By focusing on concrete and diverse examples of how personal commitment can transform the world, we aim to unleash the same potential in many other people, inviting and inspiring them to get engaged, to use their time and talent and actively contribute to achieve zero violence against children by 2030.



Every hour matters after rape: Using data to support survivors

When Maureen Phiri of Malawi was 11 years old, her family sent her to be a house girl in a neighbour’s home. Unbeknownst to his wife, the neighbour repeatedly raped Maureen while she lived with and worked for the family. Fearing the stigma that she would face from her community if she reported the man, she decided to keep the crime a secret and dealt with the emotional and physical trauma all on her own. It wasn’t until several years later that she discovered the man who raped her had also infected her with HIV.


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