Innocenti Discussion Papers

These papers are signed pieces by researchers on current topics in social and economic policy and the realization of children’s rights. They may discuss technical issues in a focused manner, or in a less detailed manner than Working Papers.


Child Migrants with and without Parents

Census-Based Estimates of Scale and Characteristics in Argentina, Chile and South Africa

This paper studies child migration in Argentina, Chile and South Africa. It defines child migrants as under 18 year olds whose usual residence was in a different country or province five years prior to census. The paper estimates the scale of child migration; compares relative magnitudes of internal and international migration; and considers sensitivity to alternative definitions of migration. Second, it examines family structures within which migrant children live at destinations, defining children who are co-resident with adult parents and siblings as dependent, and those outside of these close family members, as independent. Third, the internal/international and in/dependent distinctions are analysed jointly to describe some social-economic characteristics of the four sub-groups of migrant children.


Keywords: Chile, migration statistics, South Africa, census, children, Argentina
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