Child Poverty in Rich Countries 2005

The Proportion of Children Living in Poverty has Risen in a Majority of the World’s Developed Economies

image of Child Poverty in Rich Countries 2005

This Review finds that the proportion of children living in poverty has risen in a majority of the world’s developed economies for which data are available. No matter which of the commonly-used poverty measures is applied, the situation of children is seen to have deteriorated over the last decade. Allowing the kind of poverty that denies a child the opportunities that most children consider normal is a breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Reducing child poverty is also a measure of progress towards social cohesion, equality of opportunity, and investment in both today’s children and tomorrow’s world.

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Measuring child poverty

This brief summary of current status and recent trends is issued at a time when child poverty is of growing political and public importance to many OECD countries.

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