Children on the Move

image of Children on the Move
Millions of children are on the move, both within and between countries, with or without their parents. The conditions under which movement takes place are often treacherous, putting migrant children, especially unaccompanied and separated children, at an increased risk of economic or sexual exploitation, abuse, neglect and violence. Policy responses to protect and support these migrant children are often fragmented and inconsistent and while children on the move have become a recognised part of today's global and mixed migration flows they are still largely invisible in debates on both child protection and migration.



Introduction to six articles by members of the research subgroup of the inter-agency working group on children on the move

This publication is the result of efforts by a number of specialists and practitioners belonging to different international organizations – intergovernmental and non-governmental – who have been sharing their thinking over the past two years about how best to engage with the needs of ‘children on the move’. Just over two years ago, these organizations and others – including one representing West African working children, many of whom had migrated from rural areas to cities – met in Barcelona in October 2010 for an international conference about children on the move (entitled the International Conference on Protecting and Supporting Children on the Move, organized by the Global Movement for Children and supported by the Generalitat de Catalunya, together with the Oak Foundation and Intervida). They subsequently agreed to go on sharing their ideas in an Inter-Agency Working Group on Children on the Move.


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