Innocenti Research Briefs

Innocenti Research Briefs are a series of short papers intended to provide the latest data, analysis, methods and information on a wide range of issues affecting children. The series addresses various sub-themes in a concise and accessible format, convenient for programme managers and decision makers.


Parental Engagement in Children’s Learning

This research brief is one of a series that explores the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on education. It focuses on the potential parental role in learning and its association with foundational reading and numeracy skills. COVID-19 is depriving many children of learning opportunities at school. The availability of child-oriented books and engagement of parents can play an important role for continued learning at home, especially where there is no access to technology. All policy decisions and implementation on continuing education remotely should also be cognizant of the need to ensure parents’ capability to help their child learn, to prevent exacerbating further global learning inequities to the detriment of the most vulnerable.


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