World Youth Report 2003

The Global Situation of Young People

image of World Youth Report 2003

World Youth Report 2003 provides an overview of the global situation of young people. It explores the hope, ambition and potential that exist in our youth today, while at the same time examining the elements of vulnerability, danger and lost opportunities that are faced by the same group. In doing so it highlights the major challenges and opportunities that face today’s youth and reviews the key global youth issues. Some of the important topics covered in this valuable resource include: education, employment, hunger and poverty, health, HIV/AIDS, conflict prevention, information and communication technologies (ICT) and girls and young women. All these topics were discussed at the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Global Priorities for Youth held in Helsinki, in October 2002.



Young people in a globalizing world

The ambiguous relationship between globalization and youth is examined in this chapter. Globalization offers clear economic opportunities and benefits, but comes with substantial social costs that often appear to affect young people disproportionately, given their tenuous transitional status within an uncertain and rapidly evolving global context. The chapter explores the economic impact of globalization on young people, with specific examples provided in country-level and more localized case studies. The phenomenon of cultural globalization and its connection with the youth culture is then examined, with particular attention given to the role of 1CT and media resources and the local-global synthesis that has occurred in identity formation. The final section returns to the ambiguities and contradictions that characterize this phenomenon, providing an assessment of its different implications for various groups, its contribution to local-global tensions, and its tendency to simultaneously promote linkages and divisions, inclusion and exclusion, and connectedness and isolation. The final conclusion is that young people’s experience with globalization has been negative thus far; efforts are therefore needed to ensure that they become active and productive global citizens.


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