World Youth Report 2003

The Global Situation of Young People

image of World Youth Report 2003

World Youth Report 2003 provides an overview of the global situation of young people. It explores the hope, ambition and potential that exist in our youth today, while at the same time examining the elements of vulnerability, danger and lost opportunities that are faced by the same group. In doing so it highlights the major challenges and opportunities that face today’s youth and reviews the key global youth issues. Some of the important topics covered in this valuable resource include: education, employment, hunger and poverty, health, HIV/AIDS, conflict prevention, information and communication technologies (ICT) and girls and young women. All these topics were discussed at the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Global Priorities for Youth held in Helsinki, in October 2002.



Rethinking leisure time: Expanding opportunities for young people and communities

The importance of leisure time for young people, particularly as it relates to personal and community development, is examined in this chapter. It is imperative that youth be given a wide range of opportunities for meaningful participation within the community, provided or facilitated by a multitude of organizations, institutions and programmes in all sectors. The various sections in the chapter focus on how young people spend their free time, the developmental opportunities presented within diverse contexts, and the virtuous cycle of mutual benefit created through reciprocal youth-community support (illustrated in several detailed case studies). The conclusion emphasizes the importance of saturation (adequacy of opportunities is more important than variety), a solid infrastructure, a strong public and political commitment, and the recognition that leisure time and opportunities constitute a right to be protected rather than a privilege to be earned or lost.


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