World Youth Report 2005

Young People Today, and in 2015

image of World Youth Report 2005

More than 500 million youths worldwide live on less than $2 a day, 113 million are not in school, 88 million are unemployed and 10 million have HIV/AIDS, all significant challenges for reaching the 2015 goals of reducing poverty by half, increasing literacy, and improving the health of people around the world. Amid this grim picture portrayed in the World Youth Report 2005, there are positive signs. Since 1995, the number of children completing primary school has continued to increase, while the current generation is the best educated in history.



Global trends

Most young people manage the transition tom protected childhood to independent adulthood quite well. With family, school and peer support, the majority of youth eventually find a meaningful place in society as young adults. A minority of young people deviate from this path; some engage in risky behaviour that can damage their social position or undermine their health. Many young people are beginning to explore their sexuality, and for some there are attendant risks. Some youth experiment with drugs or venture into delinquency, though such phases are generally temporary.


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