World Youth Report 2007

Young People’s Transition to Adulthood - Progress and Challenges

image of World Youth Report 2007

Today’s young people are the best educated generation of youth in history. However, the World Youth Report 2007 argues that for many young people, the transition to adulthood is slowed down by poverty and their inability to find decent work. The Report provides an in-depth look at key issues of concern to youth in the major regions of the world and points out that because of social and cultural constraints, many young people are excluded from accessing quality education, decent employment, health and other resources and services. The Report emphasizes that policymakers must focus not only on developing young people’s capacities through greater investment in areas such as education, health and skills training, but they must also provide and protect opportunities for young people to participate in development as a matter of priority. For the first time, the Report introduces a statistical annex that provides data on youth development indicators.



Asian youth in the context of rapid globilization

In Asia as in other world regions, globalization has generated extraordinary opportunities, new avenues for education and employment have been created; improvements in technology have helped to raise the productivity of individuals as well as manufacturing and agricultural output; and many people, including youth, are reaping the benefits of major public health breakthroughs and interventions. The rapid processes of change and adjustment associated with globalization have, however, intensified poverty, unemployment and social disintegration in certain areas, especially among the most vulnerable populations. Factors such as the changing nature of work, a shrinking demand for young workers (who are more likely to be unskilled), and the emergence of new and less secure forms of employment are seriously undermining the ability of young people to contribute meaningfully to, and benefit fully from, the global economy. Young people often lack the financial resources necessary to access the opportunities and withstand the pressures created by globalization. Many are restricted by inadequate education and poverty, or are outside the reach of basic information and communication and of the goods and services that have become available with globalization.


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