World Youth Report 2010

Youth and Climate Change

image of World Youth Report 2010

This report is intended to highlight the important role young people play in addressing climate change, and to offer suggestions on how young people might be more effectively integrated as individuals and collective agents of change within the realm of climate change adaptation and mitigation. The report is designed to assist youth and youth organizations in educating themselves and to become more actively involved in combating the threat of climate change. It is also meant to affirm the status of young people as key stakeholders in the fight against climate change. The publication comes at a time when efforts to address climate change are receiving unparalleled attention within the international arena, offering young people a unique opportunity for their voice to be heard in the debate.



Addressing climate change at its roots

Climate change is a global challenge, with discussions tending to focus on the greenhouse gas emissions of countries or regions. Governments must impose solutions, but it is also essential that climate change be addressed sustainably at the human level. Developing a sense of ownership and accountability begins with explicit acknowledgement that it is the behaviour and lifestyles of individuals and the societies in which they live that are ultimately responsible for the emissions that drive climate change.


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