World Youth Report 2011

Youth Employment - Youth Perspectives on the Pursuit of Decent Work in Changing Times

image of World Youth Report 2011

This is a biennially recurring publication of the United Nations. This year, it is largely based on an e-discussion with young people and representatives of youth-led organizations on the transition from schools and training institutions into the world of work. It shares the participants’ views, experiences and recommendations on preparing for, entering, and remaining active in the labour force. Young people are crucial stakeholders in the pursuit of decent and productive work for all, often pioneers in their respective fields, yet, too frequently, their voices go unheard particularly with decision-makers. This report brings young people’s voices into the forefront where youth issues are discussed and acted upon.




The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is grateful for the many contributions received to the 11 October-7 November 2011 e-discussion on youth employment from young people and representatives of youth-led organizations around the world, who enabled each other as well as viewers of the e-discussion to learn from their views and experiences. The Department wishes to convey special thanks to Ms. Sarah Huxley, who ably led the moderation of the e-discussion, prepared material for the present report, and provided significant overall support to the development of the World Youth Report 2011. The Department also appreciates the efforts of the following distinguished weekly moderators of the e-discussion: Mr. Sergio Andrés Iriarte Quezada, International Labour Organization (Week 1); Ms. Maria Cavatore, Plan International (Week 2); Professor Julian D. May, Ms. Kathleen Diga and the team at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the United Nations Academic Impact hub on poverty (Week 3); and Mr. Luis David Sena, Youth Delegate of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations (Week 4).


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