World youth report 2013

Youth and migration

image of World youth report 2013
This is a biennially recurring publication of the United Nations. This year, it is largely based on an e-discussion with young people and representatives of youth-led organizations on the transition from schools and training institutions into the world of work. It shares the participants’ views, experiences and recommendations on preparing for, entering, and remaining active in the labour force. Young people are crucial stakeholders in the pursuit of decent and productive work for all, often pioneers in their respective fields, yet, too frequently, their voices go unheard particularly with decision-makers. This report brings young people’s voices into the forefront where youth issues are discussed and acted upon.




The World Youth Report 2013?Youth Migration and Development is the product of the efforts, contributions and support of many people and organizations. From the outset, the process of developing the Report involved a range of participatory consultations designed to draw on the perspectives of youth on how migration affects them. These consultative sessions included a five-week e-consultation process, a survey on youth migration and development, a call for visual art illustrating the daily life experiences of young migrants as well as youth initiatives on migration and development, and a Google+ Hangout held on 6 March 2013 to identify sustainable solutions for addressing youth migration challenges.


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