World Youth Report 2014

Youth and Migration

image of World Youth Report 2014
The World Youth Report 2013 focuses on the topic of youth and migration. It delivers a synopsis of the basic facts on youth migration and development discussing who is migrating, where they are coming from, where they are going to and why. The Report looks at the entire process involved in migration including the planning and preparations and the drivers behind the decisions that young people make. It examines the impact migration has on young people – those on the move as well as those who have been left behind - their experiences in transit and the lives of migrants in their destination countries and the challenges they face. First-hand experiences of youth are woven into the Report, adding another dimension to the material covered.



Youth awareness & engagement on migration

Over the past decade, evidence from around the world has shown that young leaders and youth-led organizations engaged in civic activities have influenced public policies through the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of initiatives that have direct relevance to their well-being and development. Young people have proven themselves to be a tremendous source of innovative solutions. Active citizenship shapes the identities of youth migrants and other youth affected by migration. Being an active citizen also constitutes a social good, as it tends to reduce idleness and fosters a sense of belonging and social cohesion. Government accountability and service delivery can also be enhanced through the active engagement of young people.


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