World Youth Report 2016

Youth Civic Engagement

image of World Youth Report 2016
The World Youth Report is the flagship publication on youth issues of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. This edition intends to provide fresh perspective and innovative ideas on civic engagement and to serve as an impetus for dialogue and action. The objective of the Report is to provide a basis for policy discussions around youth civic engagement in order to ensure that young people are able to participate fully and effectively in all aspects of the societies in which they live. It comprises five chapters, with three sections respectively focusing on the economic, political and community-based engagement of youth, and a final chapter that offers key conclusions and recommendations.



Economic engagement

The transition to the world of work marks a crucial stage in young people’s lives. It extends the possibility of independence, the application of academic learning, and social and economic productivity, and it sets the stage for defining an individual’s potential in terms of earning capacity, job options and possibilities for advancement. When and how young people enter the labour force can have lifelong implications for their employment experiences and can impact the well-being of those individuals as well as their relationships with family, friends, the community and society.


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