Chile and Mexico experienced extraordinary economic and social improvements over the first decade of the twenty-first century. Nonetheless, the 2008–2009 international crisis dramatically affected these two economies via real channels. Both countries...
The Chile Solidario programme is an avant garde conditional cash transfer (CCT) in the Latin American context, introducing innovative features aimed at addressing specifically the multidimensional nature of poverty. This paper, using data from the...
  • 20 Dec 2011
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • Pages: 99
The publication presents an assessment of UNDP’s contribution to development results in Chile was performed during 2009 to help design a new country programme, and covers the 2001-2009 period, including the 2001-2003 programming cycle that extended...
  • 05 Jan 2018
  • Patricio Aroca, Nicolás Garrido
  • Pages: 18
This article decomposes total factor productivity (TFP) by economic sector, using data from the Chilean economy’s input-output matrices for 1996, 2003 and 2010. The analysis focuses on the effects of changes in three areas: sectoral demand; the...
  • 13 Nov 2017
  • United Nations
The Central Bank of Chile (Banco Central de Chile) prepares Chile’s national accounts. Official estimates are published in "Cuentas Nacionales de Chile" (http://www.bcentral.cl/publicaciones/indextema.htm). The information on methods and sources that...
  • 06 Nov 2017
  • United Nations
Agreement between the Government of the State of Israel and the Government of the Republic of Chile for South-South and triangular cooperation activities. Jerusalem, 6 March 2011
A structural shift in the trend toward higher deficits had emerged by the middle of the 1860s in Chile. For some authors, this was the result of increased spending owing to a fastgrowing economy. Another common explanation is the higher spending...
This article seeks to define and characterize the urban structure of Santiago, Chile, based on the relation between its inhabitants’ places of residency and work, which form local labour market zones. The article explains the criteria and...
Exchange of notes constituting an agreement between the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Chile on the establishment of the Leñas Integration Committee. Santiago, 17 May 2011
Administrative Agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Ecuador and the Government of the Republic of Chile to prevent the abuse of and to combat the production of and illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic...
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