Case concerning the continental shelf (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya/Malta) Judgment of 2 June 1985

In its judgment in the case concerning the Continental Shelf between the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Malta, the Court, by 14 votes to 3, stated what principles arid rules of international law are applicable to the delimitation of the continental shelf between the two States, and the circumstances and factors to be taken into consideration in order to achieve an equitable delimitation. It stated that an equitable result could be obtained first by drawing between the 13° 50' and the 15° 10' meridians a median line, of which every point is equidistant from the low-water mark of the relevant coasts of Malta, on the one hand, and of Libya, on the other, and by then transposing this line northwards by 18' so as to intersect the 15° 10' E meridian at a latitude of approximately 34° 30' N.

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