Youth and Climate Innovation Program: Youth Leadership and Community-Oriented Esd Practices In Ukraine

Youth occupy a unique role in ESD being the driving power for sustainable transformations. Unlike other environmental challenges, the most severe impacts of climate change will affect future generations who will be forced to address the threat and make radical transitions. In 2019 the UNFCCC, GEF SGP and other partners launched the global Youth and Climate Innovation Program. In Ukraine the program has generated five innovative and visible youth-led projects that serve as the best practices for youth engagement in the sustainable development agenda and in climate actions in particular. Together with traditional forms of education, the program has opened new horizons that provide young people with a new learning environment in which they act jointly for the community and create social transformation. In the longer-term, it will result in broader youth engagement in ESD and policy influence, climate actions as well as green economic development.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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