Mongolia eTrade Readiness Assessment

image of Mongolia eTrade Readiness Assessment


The eTrade Readiness Assessment of Mongolia is the thirty-third such assessment conducted by UNCTAD. The Assessment examines the current challenges and opportunities of the digital economy in Mongolia, offering policy recommendations on how the government and development partners can maximize the benefits of digitalization for trade. The digital transformation underway in Mongolia is conducive to the development of e-commerce, both at the domestic and cross-border levels. The assessment shows that public and private sector stakeholders have prioritized further facilitation of cross-border trade and logistics, high-level political support, and supportive legal framework among the key factors which could be conducive to e-commerce growth in Mongolia. This report is expected to contribute to the efforts of the Government of Mongolia to build a robust, safe, and business-friendly environment for e-commerce and digital economy development. Ensuring the potential benefits of e-commerce requires a strong prioritization from the government and a great commitment from development partners. With the eTrade for all partners and coordination through the United Nations Resident Coordination Office in Ulaanbaatar, UNCTAD is committed to supporting Mongolia in its resolve to make e-commerce work for the country’s economic diversification and overall development.

Countries: Mongolia


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