Global supply chains: Turning disruption into opportunity

Global supply chains, complex cross-border organizational structures and industry networks that are necessary to develop, produce, transport and deliver goods or services across the world, can be at high risk in the face of unexpected events and global pressures. In recent years, the global supply chains ecosystem has been disrupted by unprecedented trade turbulence, economic uncertainty, geopolitical events and natural disasters. In many parts of the world, these events have swayed networks of suppliers and buyers that were built over years – if not decades – thus revealing their vulnerability and exposure to unforeseen global shocks. These shocks put businesses at operational and financial risks and triggered systemic volatility and instability within economies. Although African economies are poorly integrated into global supply chains, the disruptive effects of unforeseen global events on supply chains can pose significant challenges to African businesses and traders in their ability to procure, manufacture, sell or export certain goods and services.

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