The EPR project in Kazakhstan had originally started in September 1997, but had to be interrupted for organizational reasons. A second preparatory mission therefore had to be organized and took place in October 2000. It resulted in a new structure for the report, which was adapted to the many changes in the country that had occurred in the meantime. The review team for the project was constituted following these decisions and included national experts from Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Uzbekistan, together with the ECE secretariat, UNEP and the Bilthoven Division of the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health. The costs of the participation of experts from countries in transition, as well as the travel expenses of the ECE secretariat, were covered by extrabudgetary funds that had been made available from Finland, Germany and Italy. In addition, the Netherlands contributed funds to the Kazakh expenditures for the organization of the project, in a bilateral project. All contributions were essential to the implementation of the project.

Related Subject(s): Environment and Climate Change
Sustainable Development Goals:
Countries: Kazakhstan
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