Project support to country CSA actions

There were various regional and countryfocused activities among those undertaken by the Project. Adopting a country-based lens to promote CSA is increasingly necessary, as several countries identified the potential for the agricultural sectors to deliver climate change adaptation and mitigation synergies, while promoting the generation of economic, environmental and social co-benefits. Currently, more than 30 countries explicitly refer to CSA in their NDCs, specifically mentioning adaptation-mitigation synergies. This points to the acknowledged relevance of taking structured actions in these sectors, as well as the opportunity for international cooperation in this direction. Therefore, the international community is called to strengthen the technical and functional capacities of (State and Non-state) agricultural stakeholders to respond to climate change. For instance, enhancing ministries’ capacities to generate and disseminate agro-meteorological data, as well as to deliver climate-smart extension services, is vital to scaling-up climate action for agriculture. Similarly, producers’ organizations and other local institutions must be acknowledged for the key role they hold: if properly capacitated, they can support their members to assess climate-related risks and opportunities, with the aim of adopting practices that are climate-smarter. In this respect, the Project has been exploring possibilities to collaborate with developing countries, to support themin achieving their international commitments for climate change and sustainable development in the field of agriculture and food security.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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