The study examined policy, regulatory and institutional reforms to promote EE and RE in the selected countries. Bulgaria and Croatia, as members of the European Union, were required to transpose the EU Directives’ provisions into their national laws to ensure major energy savings for both consumers and industry. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, and Ukraine are the contracting parties of the Energy Community and made legally binding commitments to adopt the EU energy legislation which boosted the development of policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks in these countries. Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation also achieved significant progress in the areas of EE and RE since 2010. Energy agencies have been established in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, and Ukraine. Countries have made significant progress on policies to promote EE and RE as dedicated framework legislation on EE and RE has been adopted in most of the project countries and secondary legislation was promulgated.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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