The work on the creation of this Glossary was coordinated by Mario Apostolov, Regional Adviser, UNECE Economic Cooperation and Trade Division, working with Grant Akopyan, Saida Rakhimova, Alina Fetisova, and Sabina Titarenko. We would like to thank for the key contributions to the third edition to the following experts: Lance Thompson (UNECE), Richard Morton (IPCSA), Hans Rook (IPCSA), Alexander Fedorov (PPL 33-35), Yinfen Zhang (China) and Yan Zhang (UNECE). The work on the Chinese translation was executed by the China National Institute of Standardization. We are also grateful to individuals and organizations who contributed with comments and editorial remarks to the three editions of this Glossary, including but not limited to: Aileen Prendergast, Anatoly Martynov, Anton Kozhankov, Asmat Abesadze, Caixia Wu Christopher Edgar, Claudio Meza, Elena Egorova, Elena Kolokolova, Jianfang Zhang, Konstantin Glukhenkiy, Kseniya Kasko, Lauri Railas, Maria Mironova, Mika Vepsalainen, Natalia Antipova, Natalia Lazar, Natalia Shpilkovskaya, Sergey Polovinkin, Sue Probert, Svetlana Dupriez, Viatcheslav Blokhine, Vladimir Korostelev, Vyacheslav Mareyev, Vyatcheslav Novikov, Xiang Wang, Xin Yao, Yulia Kunitsa, Yuri Kozhankov, Yves Clopt, Zhong Lin and Zoya Panasenko.

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