A daily struggle for water is one of the terrible burdens of poverty, especially for women and girls who spend endless hours fetching water over long distances. sources of water are often unclean or unaffordable, or groups are simply cut off from using a particular water source. Many poor urban dwellers have to pay very high water prices to informal water vendors or do without water. not having sufficient and safe water means constant weakness and pain through recurrent diarrhoea and other debilitating or fatal water-related diseases. it leads to loss of time, educational and employment opportunities. low incomes and limited access to water also means choosing between paying for water, food, school fees or medicines. around the world, 748 million people lack access to an improved drinking water source, while billions more lack drinking water that is really safe. in 2012, 2.5 billion people did not have access to an improved sanitation facility (WHO and UNICEF, 2014a).

Sustainable Development Goals:
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