A Foundational Safety System Concept to Make Roads Safer in the Decade 2021-2030

image of A Foundational Safety System Concept to Make Roads Safer in the Decade 2021-2030

Though road safety systems do exist at national and international levels, enhanced bilateral efforts are urgently required to improve global road safety. At the national level, some countries have a comprehensive and effectively functioning system, while others have only parts of the system or a less effectively functioning system. At the international level, UNECE has developed a set of conventions on road safety, including licensing of drivers, traffic rules, road signs/signals and markings, performance requirements for vehicle construction, vehicle road worthiness and inspection, carriage of dangerous goods and driving/rest periods. Still, a comprehensive overview of road safety systems and guide for improvement are needed. Drawing from established good practice, alongside experience from other modes of transport, including maritime transport and civil aviation, and in consideration of the special characteristics of road mobility, this publication recommends a national road safety system concept. With the inclusion of all necessary elements at the national and international levels, including regulatory support, it identifies gaps in current road safety systems and helps to prioritize effective improvement measures in a coordinated and integrated manner. Ultimately, this publication serves to engage the road safety community and improve road safety in the decade 2021-2030.

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