Violence Against Children on the Move

From a Continuum of Violence to a Continuum of Protection

image of Violence Against Children on the Move

Every minute, 20 people – many of them children – are forced from their homes by violence, persecution or conflict. While children account for less than one third of the global population, they make up more than half of today’s refugees worldwide. This publication explores the multitude of ways in which children on the move are being left behind, their human rights denied and basic needs unmet. For these children, the vision of the 2030 Agenda of a world free from fear and violence is merely a distant illusion. But given their devastating daily realities, children are willing to risk uncertain and perilous journeys in search of safety and security. Too often the risks are far more dangerous than they could imagine, as their journeys leave them vulnerable to exploitation by human traffickers and other criminals and frequent hostility from the communities they encounter along the way.


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