The humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons: The voices of hibakusha

As the introductory chapter detailed, Peace Boat began as a project for people-to-people exchange in 1983. Its specific aim was to achieve reconciliation among peoples in the Asia- Pacific region by facilitating dialogue about World War II. More broadly, it was an attempt for a bottom-up approach to reducing tension and building a foundation for peace in the region. In 1999 Peace Boat began to organize global voyages and its activities since then developed to become much broader in scope. Peace Boat participants today travel not only across Asia but across the globe. Yet the underlying principle remains unchanged: to build a culture of peace around the world by bridging peoples and cultures. As such, Peace Boat in itself can be seen as a disarmament education initiative, broadly defined. In fact, Peace Boat prides itself in being a “floating peace village” that facilitates peace and disarmament education (Peace Boat n.d.).

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