Impact assessment and cost benefit analysis of vehicle safety regulations - elements in model

Vehicle regulations designed to improve road safety aim to reduce the risk of occupant injury and death and therein improve the utility, or benefit, of motorized road transport. An impact assessment of adopting and applying vehicle safety regulations is carried out in many countries in the world as part of the decision-making process in the lead up to proposing legislation. In many cases it is a mandatory step in the regulatory process, as an ex-ante effectiveness evaluation. The goal is to determine the socioeconomic efficiency of the proposed regulatory measure(s). Impact assessments and cost benefit analysis are carried out as part of the development of some vehicle safety-related UN Regulations annexed to the 1958 Agreement and some vehicle safety related UN GTRs under 1998 agreement. Although there are differences in methodologies applied within the different stages of the process, it generally consists of the following steps:

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