Utayari na mwitikio wa kukabiliana na COVID-19 vizuizini na magerezani

Yaliyomo kwenye makala

image of Utayari na mwitikio wa kukabiliana na COVID-19 vizuizini na magerezani

The information in this package is intended to support prison administrators and staff. It has been developed to ensure the safety and security of staff, prisoners and the public in the efforts to prevent COVID-19 (coronavirus) from entering the prison and mitigate the impact in case of an outbreak. Addressing COVID-19 requires critical preparedness and a prepared response, particularly within places of detention (prisons). Prison staff play a crucial role in contributing to the effort of preventing the spread of the disease, promoting safer prison environments, and responding to outbreaks in a timely and effective manner. All efforts must be taken to keep COVID-19 out of the prisons. Preventative measures will most likely result in significant disruptions to ordinary prison routines and require the administration to make difficult decisions that may restrict or limit prison operations and activities. Responding to a COVID-19 outbreak once the virus has spread in the prison is a significant challenge – particularly in overcrowded conditions. The package provides communication tools with clear and concise information and visuals.


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